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Game information for "Scavenger Hunt" - DP Online Rarity Guide

Game ID: 24808

Console / System: Atari 2600

Title: Scavenger Hunt

Scarcity (loose): 0

Value in USD (loose): 0

Scarcity (complete): 0

Value in USD (complete): 0

Publisher: Amiga

Section: 6

Designer: Michael K. Glass

Developer: Video Soft

Description: Originally planned as a pack-in cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral, and later as 1 of 5 games on Power-Play Arcade cart #2. According to Video Soft founder Jerry Lawson, "It had very impressive graphics and was an adventure-type of game" and was either finished or close to being done. Catalog description: "The perfect game for kids of all ages - from 6 to 60. The object is to locate each of the items the computer asks you to find. A comb. An iron. A telephone. Or just about anything else. Just as easy as you remember it, right? Well, does 'Beware of Dog' sound familiar? How about. 'You'd better be home before dark'? It'll be just like 'old times'..."

Country / region: USA

Part #: 2100

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