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Game information for "Color Bar Generator Cart" - DP Online Rarity Guide

Game ID: 23856

Console / System: Atari 2600

Title: Color Bar Generator Cart

Scarcity (loose): 9

Value in USD (loose): 999

Scarcity (complete): 0

Value in USD (complete): 0

Publisher: Video Soft

Section: 8

Designer: Jerry Lawson

Designer 2: Michael K. Glass

Developer: Video Soft

Style: Technical

Exceptional: -

Description: This is not a game but rather a tool for TV service technicians. It was advertised in an electronics journal/magazine and sold as a kit. This cartridge produces the NTSC color bars used in repairing VCR's, TV's, and laser disc players. Though the cart label states the title as Color Bar Generator Cart, the title screen says Test Pattern. The manual refers to it as the Color Bar And TV Test Pattern Cartridge. The manual states the copyright date on the title screen should be 1983 but both the manual and title screen are dated 1984. No boxed was produced for this, although the shipping box has "CB-1" either printed or stamped on it in blue. Originally sold for $29.95. A cart with the original shipping box sold on Ebay in 2010 for $4,500.

Release date (MM/DD/YYYY): 1984

Country / region: USA

Screenshot: Screenshot

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