The "Vic20 Digital Archaeology CD Project"

In general, we need scanned images of Vic20 items.

Our biggest need, if this project is to succeed, is high quality scanned images. Most of the rest of the stuff to be on the disk, like technical texts, has already been written; with some tweaking, what we have will work fine. But we still need the best possible pictures we can get, of things like box art, advertisements and cartridges and/or tape software packages.

Paul and Ward have the vast majority of all the software cartridges we will need for this project, thanks to our ROM image archiving project. (We bought all we could, and kept them. But a few we had to borrow, or get someone to dump the images for us; this was a handful of carts that we and the owners deemed too hard to replace, if they had gotten lost.)

Box art we have far less of, however. We hope you folks have lots of this? Remember
that we put together the entire cart collection, one cart at a time. Even if we have to do
the same with a collection of box pictures, it is still do-able. And we have ample time.

Ward has done a lot of experimenting, and has now posted some useful
scanning tips for all of you out there who might want to help us out.
If you have a scanner and some items we dont yet have scans of,
are you are just curious, click here to see these scanning tips.

Click here to see what we have and/or don't have yet.

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