CD Project: some questions we have

As to the CD Project...  I find that I am at a bit of a cross roads. I'm not sure what road to take. So I am going to ask for some feedback from my visitors.

I need to know how many of you are interested in buying one, for one thing. That will help with a lot of my other decisions. But also, I need to know which is more important to you; speed of completion, or how much stuff is on the CD?

We have something close to 400 megs now, and could probably fill a single CD without much problem, all things considered. Technically, if just having a CD full of stuff is "good enough" then maybe the CD is nearly ready -- at least as far as quantity of content goes, if not HTML coding and so on. But if it is important to most of you to be "100% complete" then we may have a long ways to go still?

Remember that this is going to be a completely non-profit release. This is just a wild guess, mind you, but I've always hoped for a ballpark cost of $10 dollars.

I hate to ask, but are any of you NOT interested unless EVERY THING is included? (Tell the truth, please!) And how many people's interest will we lose, when we remind them that this disk will NOT include any games at all except for those few that have been legally released by their copyright holders? If this is a big problem with some otherwise interested people, we need to know it now!

I note that one possibility is that we release one CD when we have enough stuff to fill it up, and worry about the rest of the stuff on a second CD later on? (It is hard to believe there is that much stuff for the Vic20, but it has been looking for some time like this was heading towards a two-disk CD set to be "complete".)

Please bear in mind that these are just questions; we are NOT ready for orders on the CD yet! Take awhile to think this all through. Then email me about it....

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