What we intend to include on the Vic20 CD when it is finished

High-quality scanned images.

  • Pictures of software box art; front and back. We want
    to include every cart or tape box we can get ahold of.

  • Pictures of cartridge cases, label side up. Same thing;
    every one we can lay our hands on, we will include.

  • Pictures of any advertisements we can locate. Ideally,
    one for each software title listed above. Some of these
    old ads are really interesting to look at and read over.
    Some of them are good for a laugh, others nostalgia....

  • Pictures of magazine covers. Ward has a ridiculously
    large collection of old magazines, so this should be
    interesting. (I have many issues of Transactor, Run,
    Ahoy!, Compute, Power Play, Compute's Gazette....)

  • Any other interesting pictures we can locate.

Helpful text resources

  • The "Vic20 cartridge rarity and gameplay list". This will
    most likely be used (modified and in html) as a quick
    way to look up a cart, and jump to more info on it: from
    this list directly to reviews, pictures, instructions, etc.
  • The "Cartzilla" review document will be upgraded and
    included, perhaps as single-title entries. We plan to make
    it quick and easy to find any review on any given title.
  • All the software operating instructions we can locate. It
    would be ideal to be able to access them, as above.
  • Any other Vic20 texts now found on this web page.
  • Any texts we can get permission to use; things like the
    interviews done about various Vic20 celebrities would
    be nice to be able to gather together into one place.

Bonus items (space permitting)

  • Technical articles from old magazines.
  • The "Vic20 Interfacing Blue Book" -- I have a copy of it.
  • Interesting "off-topic" ads and such, for other machines.

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