Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Super NES

Review by Harry McIntyre



Graphics: 9

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 10 (2p), 5 (1p)

First let us tear away the fat. All those who love 2 player co-op games  raise your hands… You lot go and buy this NOW; no other fields need be  filled if that is the case. Buy it now, I guarantee you will like it!

I personally love 2 player co-ops and this is one of the finest examples  possible of why these games are so good. If you have no friends (or remotely  gaming friends at least) this game is probably not for you. One player is  exactly the same as 2 player and, yet playing on your own, this is one of  the most repetitive and boring games around. The game strives on the laughs  and arguments you will have within a 2 player game.

The basic premise is simple. Save the survivors before the monsters get to  them. That's it. As always though it's the bit between the lines that shows  this games flair. The setting is 10/10 perfect for a game like this,  B-movies-ville. The monsters who come at you are Mr Hammers own faves.  Werewolves, mad scientists, zombies, killer 6 storey babies, you know the  ones! This game is far from scary though and plays itself for laughs, the  levels are often digs at cheesy horror movies such as Tremors and Dawn of  the Dead and the effect is great. The weapons are many and varied and will  no doubt start many of the arguments this game causes while the players race  for the bazooka and monster potion.

This game is also plenty long, 52 levels with a password every 4 or so. Me  and a friend persevered to the end and I can tell ya, some of those last  ones are S.O.B's . but it is a rewarding game, you are driven on by the lust  for seeing new levels and enemies that accumulates. Basically this game is a  bit of an unsung classic, those that play it love it but it never got the  acclaim it deserved. Get this, get a friend, get drunk and piss your pants  when those giant earthworms first make an appearance…



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Last updated: Sunday, February 08, 2004 12:44 PM