The Yakyuken Special


Review by Edward Villalpando

Societa Daikanyama





Overall: 6


yakyukenspecial3do1.jpg (61154 bytes)Rock. Paper. Scissors. Remember that game?

Well, how about putting this game in which the winner gets to take the clothes off of beautiful young Japanese girls? It’s a fairly simple concept, and for the most part, it works. The rules are simple; choose one of three hand signals (rock/paper/scissors), then press the right button, and hope that you win. Just remember, rock blunts (or breaks) scissors, paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper. Ties also occur. The 3DO displays one of the eight selectable ladies, and after a brief interview, it’s time to play!

A FMV sequence proceeds with the girl that you chose doing her little dance, then finally prompting you to choose your selection. Each of you gets five chances to win a game. If you win, one article of clothing will be removed. Lose, and you lose one chance. Nothing else happens to you. The five pieces of clothing usually are: jacket, blouse, skirt, bra, panties, in that order.

yakyukenspecial3do2.jpg (61065 bytes)Some of the girls wear stockings, which counts as a turn (that’s not cool!). With each win, the girls will dance minus the clothing that you "won". Now, while the panties do indeed come off, you don’t see anything naughty, because they usually sit or lay down, blocking your view. Also, I would have liked to be able to choose which clothes come off first.

Oh well, I’ve seen worse adult games than this.


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Last updated: Sunday, September 25, 2005 03:41 PM