WWF Attitude

Game Boy

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 5

Sound: 3

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 4.5


I don't care much for TV Wrestling because it's not real, but I don't mind playing a wrestling game now. It's hard to find a decent one though. It seems like Acclaim just cashed in on the license again as this game has no personality.

wwfattitudegbc.bmp.jpg (5715 bytes)To start out, this game has a nice biography option and several modes and password save. You'll be tired of it long before you could take advantage of any single feature.

The wrestlers are barely distinguishable in a match. Even the ones that normally wear pants only have their spandex on now. Dark haired wrestlers are exactly identical except for different color spandex making it annoying to tell players apart. Every wrestler's moves are identical and there is no difference in game play at all. There is personality whatsoever no matter who you pick and for a wrestling game, that's a critical miss. The AI is very cheap making it hard to pull moves off. Finishing moves are hard to perform as well.

Sound is terrible, even on the Game Boy it's flat and there is almost no game play sound effects. The music is a very short, continuous loop, and isn't good to begin with.

Let's all congratulate (or not) Acclaim for giving us another flop for a wrestling game. It's a wonder why they don't exist anymore.


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Last updated: Sunday, January 01, 2006 09:09 PM