World Sports Competition Turbografx-16
Review by Jeff Cooper Hudson Sports
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Though World Sports Competition borrows from both the button bashing and the timing-style traditions of olympic simulation, it's primarily a button pounder. That's disappointing to me (I prefer timing-style contests), but if you like the basher-type game look no further for an excellent challenge. This turbochip offers no less than eighteen different events in shooting, archery, field, rowing, swimming, and track. Admittedly, some events overlap (most of the swimming events are about the same), but there's a lot of variety here. Even if you don't like button bashers, there is still plenty included for you. Several events rely on timing and don't require any button bashing at all and, importantly, you can configure the joypad to get maximum power by simply holding down button I. This "cheat" mode obviously ruins events like the 100- meter dash and it renders other events overly simplified. But it's so difficult to time the release and angle in events like the javelin that the games often remain fun even if you take the button bshing out of them.

Though very hard to find, this chip was a major release for the TG insofar as great effort clearly went into the programming. Sure, the graphics aren't up to 1996 standards, but if you like button bashers this one is just as much fun as the "modern" offerings. Even if you prefer the Epyx-style timing contests, there is still some fun to be had here. Like most of these sims, I'm sure it's a real hoot to play with four or five gamers competing.


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Last updated: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:00 AM