Wicked 18


Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 2

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 4


The company behind this game must have said at some point "we have no idea how to program 3DO games, but the 3D gimmick is new so it won't matter and it'll sell anyway." Needless to say as cool as the concept of a fantasy golf course is, the game has "crap" written all over it.

wicked1813do.jpg (20716 bytes)It isn't without its charm as the courses are brilliantly laid out and require a ton of skill and strategy to complete. It has multi levels, very oblong layouts, and lava pits among other traps and hazards, but the rest of the game falls apart. Game play is fairly straight forward. If you've played Pebble Beach Golf Links you know exactly how this is played as it uses the same mechanics.

The graphics are utterly horrid even on the 3DO. The course has no movement at all. Once your ball lands, the screen redraws itself according to where you're at; there is absolutely no scrolling at all. You can only imagine what it'd be like going up a big hill. You have absolutely no idea where your ball will land resulting in so many out of bounds shots that you will want to scream.

If your ball lands on a hill, it will continue to roll down and the screen will keep redrawing itself until you have a headache. If they couldn't make scrolling courses then at least they could have given it smooth still frames but these are as bad as 3D on a 16-bit console, if not worse. The sound is decent but the music doesn't fit the mood of the game. I got to the fourth or fifth hole and played something else! This comes from a die-hard golf video game junkie.

This is a title that features no saving graces. Electronic Arts showed us that the 3DO could do decent 3D for the time, so why didn't any of these other companies even try to use its power, especially when it's one of the console's manufacturers like Panasonic? The game is a disaster in every aspect and is easily avoidable since there are several better golf offerings on the console.


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Last updated: Monday, January 29, 2007 09:54 PM