Web Wars Vectrex
Review by Al Backiel GCE Shooter
Overall: 9

webwars.gif (4053 bytes)This classic Vectrex game was for many years the closest you could get to the arcade game Tempest on a home system. It didn’t get the promotion it deserved because it came out near the end of the life of a system that could be considered a sleeper itself. It doesn’t have the variety of funnel shapes that Tempest does, but it does have more character and motion. In Web Wars you are a hawk with a voracious appetite for insects. You catch them with your frog-like tongue while flying about the interior of a 3D spider web. Drones attack from the interior of the vortex. You can maneuver around more than just the outer rim. I even found that it is possible to go offscreen into the corners, but this is not practical. If you don’t clear the screen fast enough, a flying dragon surfaces. When he closes in, watch his head - he fires when looking straight at you. After you’ve caught an insect, a portal appears, allowing you to enter the next level. A trophy room provides a brief intermission between levels. This was the hook for me. I wanted to see what all of the different bug trophies looked like.

This game gets so fast that it becomes an incredible challenge to do get all of the tropies. I got as far as 10 out of 20 and 23,369 points. It is possible to get more points by staying on the early screens longer and dodging the flying dragon, but I’d rather be an entomologist than a miser. This is a good-looking and highly recommended game.