Urban Chaos


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 3

Sound: 3

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 3

urbanchaos1ps1.jpg (43760 bytes)Urban Chaos was announced at a few E3's, came and went, and it seemed like it the game was lost forever. Suddenly, it appeared on store shelves with little or not hype. Back then,  the game's graphics, sounds, and controls all needed extensive work. It almost seem like Eidos has done nothing to improve upon the game since that fateful E3, and it ends up being one of the worst titles in the Playstation library.

Graphically, you cold pick up just about any first generation Playstation title and realize how much better they all look. The low resolution coupled with so much pop-up makes the game practically unplayable. The animation is stiff and uninspired. Nothing has been added to make the game a more enjoyable experience. The sound also dive bombs with hilariously bad voice acting and a non-existent soundtrack. Ambient sounds add little to the experience and by no means make the game tolerable.

urbanchaos21ps1.jpg (45351 bytes)While it may seem impossible, it actually does get worse. The control is simply abominable not allowing for precise movements necessary for this game. The beat-em-up style of combat requires gamers to turn on a dime, but it doesn't happen here. Punches and kicks are lackadaisical and the animations cycle through at an alarmingly slow rate. The difficulty mostly stems from the poorly crafted controls, resulting in misplaced jumps on a regular basis. The game also features some driving segments and the poor controls make themselves known here too.

Eidos has some decent games under their belt, but you have to wonder why they would taint their reputation with a game like this. Everything about this game is just WRONG. Suddenly, Eidos looks more like Acclaim back in their 16-bit days. Can you imagine working for the marketing department and trying to make this game look appealing to a consumer?


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Last updated: Sunday, October 16, 2005 03:43 PM