Tunnel Runner

Atari 2600

Review by Joe Santulli



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 7

Take one part Pac-Man, one part early FPS (if youíre gonna hold me to one, try Escape from the Mindmaster), and one part LSD (thatís not a game style, itís a drug, son). Mix them all together. Now spin around in circles really fast and pour down a glass of Jack Daniels. Alright, youíve kinda entered the world of Tunnel Runner now.

Yeah, itís definitely a maze game. And kudos to the folks at CBS (and their RAM Plus chip, allegedly added to this cartridge) for actually creating a game that puts you IN the game. First-person perspective games were few in this era, and Tunnel Runner is unquestionably the best. The colors are sometimes overly vivid, and the sound actually helps you gauge the distance between you and the nearest bad giuy (all of which look like Pac-Man might from a ghostís point of view). The gameplay itself is uninspired but always tense. Youíll find yourself running blindly down corridors in just about every level.

Top this strange trip off with a hyper-speed flurry of walls and corridors when you exit a maze level. How did they get the 2600 to draw graphics that fast? Check out Tunnel Runner for some drug-induced fun.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:34 PM