Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf

Game Boy Advance

Review by Matt Paprocki

EA Sports


Graphics: 8

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 5

Golf is full of hazards. They really are a necessity to the sport as they add an immense deal of strategy and difficulty to each course. From the devastating sand traps, long roughs, howling winds, deep water, to the majestic trees, each of these add their own uniqueness to the game. This brings us to the question: Where the are the trees????

The developers of Tiger Woods Golf on the Game Boy Advance have only put one course in the game. ONE! The least they could do is include some tress! In case you're a non-golf type, trees prevent certain shots and force players to hit around them. This makes doglegs completely simplistic and defeating the entire purpose of the playing the beautiful TPC at Sawgrass.

It's really a crying shame since the actual golf segment of this game is outstanding. You'll still have to contend with the other hazards mentioned above, not to mention some crazy weather. The rain will really stop the ball the moment it hits the ground, regardless of what club you hit. You'll select from 12 golfers, each with their own attributes (Surprise! Tiger really isn't the best golfer in the game!). You can play a two-round tournament, shootout (with another player via link cable), driving range, and various challenges. On a side note, the putting here is WAY too forgiving and aiming your putt is hardly ever a necessity. A shame considering the rest of the game is so solid.

Major issue #2 comes from the lack of any replay value. There's nothing to unlock, no rewards, nothing. Beating the dozen or so challenges (which really aren't all that challenging to begin with) yields nothing other than minor bragging rights. A few new golfers or even a fantasy course would've added at least two or three points to the final score.

If your looking to show off your GBA, Tiger Woods is a good start. Tiger is animated with nearly ludicrous detail, more so than even some of the next gen systems golf games. The course is miraculously detailed (minus the trees of course) and it's hard to tell if everything has been hand drawn or digitized. Clouds move with the wind and are presented with a jaw-dropping mode-7 effect. Even the menus look next-generation. The overhead view used for aiming is a bit pixely, but it hardly detracts from the overall presentation. The music an ambient sounds are nothing spectacular, but are a necessity in adding to the feel of a real course.

It's hard to give this game a low score, it really is. One course, no unlockables, and a complete lack of a major hazard is too much to ignore. If you're only going to be playing this one once in a while, maybe even a round or two with a friend here and there, it's probably a worthwhile purchase. It's just not a game for someone looking for a hardcore golf sim that will keep them busy for hours on end.



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Last updated: Saturday, June 18, 2005 09:28 AM