Tiger Woods 07

Xbox 360

Review by Matt Paprocki

EA Sports


Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8


Destroying all hopes of a decent 2006 outing, EA Sports has begun the refinement on the Tiger Woods franchise in the 07 Xbox 360 update. Featuring gameplay additions that are exclusive to this edition, long running fans will appreciate the development team listening to the fans with an effort to make the game difficult. In the realm of features, the 360 version still falls short.

tiger071360.jpg (93937 bytes)It's a simple numbers game this year. The 360 version retails for $60. The Xbox version is only 40. Over 20 courses can be found in the previous gen version, while a dozen reside on the 360 disc. Xbox 360 fans can only buy 600 items in the pro shop, while current gen owners can dig into nearly 1200. The Xbox comes away with numerous game modes, including the Team Tour, which is absent entirely on the 360, is replaced by the Tiger Challenge which was used years ago in the game's 2004 appearance.

As usual, numbers do not tell the entire story. On the course, Tiger 07 is wonderful to play. The franchise's familiar and simple to use analog swing feels better, with smoother animation giving it an extra sense of speed and power. The added detail, lighting and hundreds of spectators bring the game to life.

True Aiming is the addition that makes Xbox 360 Tiger worth a purchase. While putting remains the same, though now with the option to turn off the ideal putt camera that shows the path of the ball, driving and chipping have been radically altered. No longer can your amateur golfer aim at a location and nail it dead on. A circle now indicates the potential lie when you're aiming, as the ball will land anywhere inside this area.

It creates a sense of pressure, something missing from each of EA Sports golf games since Tiger became their cover athlete. Driving a green is risky, as it should be. If a small part of the aiming circle is in the water, there's always that chance that's where it will end up. Playing aggressive is still not as hard as it should be, but players who shot in the upper 40s last year will find themselves struggling.

tiger072360.jpg (102375 bytes)Difficulty adjustments keep the game level for all players. While the sliders that adjust individual sections like drive power and accuracy included on the Xbox are missing on the 360, tweaks can still turn out pleasing everyone. Individual adjustments such as preventing spin in the air, power boosts, and the putt camera are all changes a golf fan should make. Making the turn to Tour difficulty eliminates all unrealistic play, proving the Tiger Woods engine could work as a simulation.

Other upgrades include some sporadic new commentary, vividly enhanced graphics and the game face now has additional options. Supports for the Xbox Live Vision Camera would be a welcome feature, and the excessive draw in (especially when it comes to the rough) is annoying. Still, when you've finally earned your +2 club shaft of power in the PGA Tour mode, it will definitely look better than it did on the Xbox or PS2.

As it was with the two different hockey games this year from EA and 2K Sports, the full Tiger Woods 07 experience requires both the Xbox/PS2 and Xbox 360 version to experience all there is to offer.


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Last updated: Sunday, November 12, 2006 11:32 PM