Review by Doug Jackson

Radio Shack


Graphics: 8

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 7


The TRS received a decent Tetris port, although not the best. It still holds up well and fares better than some of the others. Those of you that have played Bullet Proof's version on NES will feel right at home here.

tetris1trs80.gif (4502 bytes)Graphically it looks like the Game Boy version except with extra detail and would hold up well even on the NES. I do appreciate the fact that this game still retained the Russian theme that many of the newer ones have lost over the years.

The sound is well balanced and the music is also fair but far from top notch. You aren't able to choose a track. It is pre-generated and there are only a few tracks. They are not on par with either NES offering.

The gameplay is as fluid as Tengen's offering but the control suffers and brings this game down. While not outright bad, you are forced to use the keyboard and arrow keys. Left and right move left and right, down rotates the pieces, and up drops the piece. It comes out quite awkward and confusing. If you can overcome the controls the game plays just fine.

This game is recommended but would have been a top notch game had the joystick been implemented into the game play. It is hard to find a good game on the TRS. It seems like only later games were any good. This is a late release and it is one of the best games the TRS 80 has to offer.


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Last updated: Sunday, July 02, 2006 09:44 PM