Supreme Warrior

Sega CD

Review by Daltone

Digital Pictures


Graphics: 3

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 2

Enter the game, exit any self respecting beat 'em up fans.

You should know something's amiss here the instant you lay your eyes on the Digital Pictures logo. DP are not really a company associated with high quality games, and so the chances of them successfully pulling off such an ambitious project as this, on a console as limited as the Sega CD were low to begin with.

The plot, while hooky, did remind me of the old TV show Monkey, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your taste. Set in a fantastical China of ages past, an evil…well…we never really find out. An evil magician seeks the second part of a magical face mask with which he can control the world. The game opens with he and his minions attacking a village and confronting a Buddhist monk about the mask's location. Of course, he doesn't have it, you do. Meeting with the Monk, he comes up with a cunning plan to defeat this evil. Attack the bad guy's forces and steal that part of the mask back! The only problem is that, of course, he is too old to fight, and his female Chinese assistant is too injured, leaving things up to you. Your task? Beat people up in one on one combat, learn new techniques (a fireball! A wind….thing etc.) defeat the baddie.

Sounds simple, huh? Most developers would have gone for a Street Fighter style side view, after all, it's a tried and true formula, and 99% of people have no complaints. But oh no, not Digital Pictures. Nothing that simple for them. Digital Pictures instead opted to go for a first person perspective, so you see you arms and occasionally your legs, and little else.

Sound painful? It gets worse. All the action takes place in horribly compressed FMV, meaning you have absolutely no control over how your fighter moves. So how do you fight? At certain points during the battle, hand icons (for punch) and feet icons (for kick) will appear around the boarders of the screen. You press the corresponding direction and button and wait to see what happens, like with Road Avenger only sped up. Sometimes you'll hit , either leading to a nasty 'up-close' shot of your opponent's head jerking to the side, or you'll get a brief 3rd person shot of your character kung-fuing away. However, just because you see your appendages move doesn't mean you'll always hit, even if you do exactly what it says on screen. Half the time the computer will just continue merrily pummeling you into the floor. You can try to avoid the full pain of your enemy's flying fists by blocking. To do this, you press C and the direction the attack in coming from. Time it right and you'll steal some of your opponent's Chakra, which works in the same way UFC's energy meter did. That is to say, when it's gone, you can't attack. Blocking, however, is rendered almost completely useless by the awful video. It's hard enough trying to see what's going on when the images are static, let alone whenever people are dodging about all over the place and the camera is wobbling.

Un-responsive controls don't help matters much. If you do somehow manage to hit the right buttons in time, chances are you won't be able to avoid the attack. Another problem with the blocking system is that the 'straight' block (down and B) causes your player to hold out his hands, palms 'down.' If the enemy is in the center of the screen, you won't be able to see him when you do this, leaving you wide open for another pounding when you stop blocking. Believe me, at first, a pounding is what you take. All the people you face do more damage to you than you do to them, and in most cases, they have the longer life bar. I suppose to add a bit of an RPG flavor to the game, it's possible to extend both your life and Chakra meters by either defeating the bad guy or performing lots of 'perfect' blocks. It's a nice idea, but it makes little difference to the way you'll play the game. Playing Supreme Warrior isn't fun. Painful perhaps, but not fun.

Redeeming features? Well, you can replay each fight a number of times before you get game over (you can either flee, or loose all your life and get helped up by the 'injured' Chinese girl. However, this only happens thrice per opponent, so be careful.) There's a pretty useless training mode. You can choose your fights on a number of occasions (although doing them out of order is likely to lead to a swift death). Oh, and the voice acting deserves a special mention. It's not too good to say the least. Some would even cal it 'bad' no doubt, but it fits the somewhat tacky nature game perfectly. As a side note, I noticed that the language changed randomly from Chinese to English at certain points during fights, as if some lines hadn't been translated. Not that it matters, most of the dialogue is a waste of time anyway. It's not even funny.

To put it bluntly, unless you happen to be some sort of sadomasochist you should probably avoid this game and find something better to play, like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat or even Eternal Champions.


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