Super Donkey Kong Jr.


Review by Sean Kelly



Graphics: 9

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 8

The missing levelDefinitely the better of the two "Super DK" games, this is a top-notch arcade translation for ANY home platform. It's origination is exactly the same as the super version of Donkey Kong that you can read about in these very same pages.

Not having had much exposure to this one in the arcade unlike it's senior relative, I kinda reversed roles here. I enjoyed the game quite a bit on ColecoVision and have found myself feeding many a quarter into the arcade machine at a local arcade with a good selection of classic machines.

The thing making this version "super" over the regular released version is the extra level. Unlike Super Donkey Kong, there are no added intermission sequences but instead, all available extra cartridge space is used to make the extra level complete and playable.

If I were more of a Donkey Kong historian I'd know the "name" of this extra level. Donkey Kong Jr. finds himself having to navigate electrified conveyor belts in his quest to rescue his father. For the most part, the level is fairly easy to complete. Simple timing is the only thing needed as there are no enemies to dodge other than the electricity and randomly falling bird droppings. As you reach this level later on in the game, the previously unseen birds appear making it more challenging.

The "normal" three levels of the released version of the game are naturally present as well but there are no differences. If you enjoy the version of Donkey Kong Jr. you likely already have in your collection, chalk this one up as a must-have as the added level is certainly a welcome addition to the game.


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