Suikoden III: Poetic Justice


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Suikoden III is the game I'll review And it's long and it's slow, not the best one to do Not quite nearly as good as old Suikoden 2. I'm not quite sure where I should start. Some parts of the game are great and some fall apart But the battle system is by far the worst part! You have about as much control of your characters as the wind and a feather, As each is paired off with a friend to ONLY attack together. The way the AI controls them, may as well try to predict the weather!

You will die many times, for the battles are dangerous, Resulting from the AI being horribly onerous, And the way characters don't respond makes one cantankerous! Dueling is exciting quite fresh and new And there are many other mini-games you will accrue But racing a llama-thing made me go "Woo!". Suikoden III's overworld left me cold, It is detailed but small and not particularly bold And you'll see the same places until you get old. But the music accompanying it really does shine And you're surrounded by stunning graphical design I myself bought the soundtrack; I think it's divine!

As for the characters, they're amazing I found many fascinating! One hundred and eight Stars of Destiny blazing! Great facial expressions and unique attire Leaving many characters of which more you desire And nothing of the story bogged down in the mire. For main characters, Thomas is ok, but you can't go wrong with Geddoe You can select four, there's a lot of game to go! Because who could forget good old Chris and Hugo?!

Each chapter is divided into a separate character's venture. Three main ones for each, sometimes as dulling as indenture! But you can pick and choose like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. The story quite simply is a work of art Even if the battle system is like dragging an ox-cart But the characters and graphics REALLY are smart! Expect to put in a good sixty hours As you play through long sections without taking showers And end up mostly satisfied with how Suikoden III flowers. If you complete the game you get a bonus; An extra chapter that's important to notice One that explains the loose ends like a budding lotus.

So enjoy the music, such wonderful sound! Expect the characters and graphics to be stunning abound And if you meet the battle system creators, bury them underground.

Overall, the game is quite slow, but fun And doesn't too often make you wish you had a gun But it's not something you want to play on the run! So if you're expecting Suikoden 2 You might as well go watch a marathon of Scooby Doo Cause Suikoden III might not be for you. But if you want a stunning opus Of story and characters, with a battle system that's hopeless Then Suikoden III is the game on which to focus!


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