Street Fighter: The Movie


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 6

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8

I write a lot of reviews. It's what I do. Throughout all of these reviews, I have never let personal preference persuade me to rate a game higher. Ok, ok, I have (Rastan, Master System), but still, I'm letting it happen one more time. Street Fighter: The Movie Game rocks. I love it. I shall now begin venting...err....reviewing.

The actual movie? Well, I'm not even getting into that...oh what the hell. It sucked. I mean, how the hell can you direct a movie a movie based on a video game and have NOTHING related to the video game in the movie? Anyway, this game is based off of that movie. Featuring digitized characters made famous by the famous Mortal Kombat (that was bad, I know....) instead of the usual anime' inspired characters we all know and love, most people shunned this one before they even played it. Screw 'em. Nearly the same gameplay that has existed for 15 years is in this game, only mildly adjusted.

"But I can't do my 15-hit, 2 in one, dragon punch super with Ken anymore!" My god man, I hear this all the time. Get over it. Change your strategy for once. Anyway, there are tons of new combos to learn and become accustomed to. All of the actors have been filmed to perform the same exact moves they did in the original games. Once you realize how some of these moves look when a real person does them however, you may realize how absolutely stupid they can look. But hey, there all in there, even the most basic of punches.

2 modes of play are immediately present to the solo player, Street Battle and Movie mode. The street battle is the standard arcade fare allowing you to choose anyone and tackle the games characters one on one. The movie mode is intriguing at times, letting you control only Guile/Van Damme, recreating some of the scenes from the craptastic movie. You can actually choose your own path after each fight after viewing some grainy stills and losing doesn't always mean game over. It's almost laughable how the developers have tweaked the story so your actually fight some of the good guys. However, Balrog looks just like Danny Glover and it's nice to have an excuse to beat him down for starring in "Operation Dumbo Drop."

Digitizing the characters wasn't a great idea to begin with, and it's even worse when the process is done this poorly. You'll see blue lines around every frame of animation, obviously a result of a cheaply produced blue-screen effect, made famous by another pathetic film, 1976's remake of King Kong. The backgrounds are filled with scenes from the movie, but these suffer the same fate as the feature film. Animation is also a thing of the past because of this process, but things do move at a brisk pace making up for any of these issues.

Van Damme himself has lent his voice for the announcing job in this one. His accent not only provides moments of sheer hilarity, but a sharp sense of camp to this one. When he announces the next fight combatants, just listen to him try and pronounced "Zangief." Life gets no better. I don't believe any of the movies, uh "stars" have acted out the classic battle cries like "Sho-ryu-ken!" but they have been included. The music is just kind of there, by no means matching the classic tunes of old. Damn you Hollywood.....

Minus the few aesthetic issues, this IS Street Fighter. Maybe not in it's purest form, but everything you need to make a solid fighting game has been included. Purists may scoff, but they can also kiss my (censored due to uncontrolled venting). Ignore the sub-par graphics and play the damn thing! Surprising huh?

Interesting fact that no one cares about: Bison in this game is actually a stop motion model. Raul Julia, the actor who played Bison in the film, died before they could get him into the game. He looks awful and it's blatantly obvious it's not a real person.


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