Street Fighter II

Super NES

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 9

Street Fighter II: Turbo (SNES)Grandpa: Come here sonny…..we need to talk….

Young kid fixated with his PS2: But Grandpa, I'm not at a save point!

G: In my day we didn't have save points, now get over here!

YKFWHPS2: Ok, fine. (Turns off power to shiny new PS2)

G: See sonny, back in my day, we had these things called arcades. People would come from miles around just to put in a quarter to play an arcade game. These games were much better than what we had at home, so the trips there in 16 inches of snow were worth it.

YK: 16 inches??

G: Yes, now shut up and let me tell the story!

YK: Ok…..(shaking)

G: There was one particular game called Street Fighter 2. Now, there we no coly gons….

YK: You mean polygons grandpa….

G: I know what I'm talking about, damn it!

YK: (In high pitched scared half to death voice)…..ok….

G: Now, everything was drawn by hand and there were thousands of frames of animation. This Street Fighter game introduced things that have never been done before in a video game like fireballs and dragon punches…..

YK: (interupting) But didn't Street Fighter 1 do those things?

G: NO! Now shut up! (smacks child across buttocks) Anyway, this masterpiece also introduced us to a combo system. It had 8 playable characters and introduced the game playing world to a couple of guys named Ken and Ryu….

YK: But weren't those two basically the same character?

G: Yes, but that was another innovation of the game….the pallete swapped characters. See, back then, we didn't have DVD's and the like with all this memory, we had arcade boards and cartridges, which brings me to the Super Nintendo. Capcom, the makers of Street Fighter II, created a near perfect port of this fascinating game that me and my friends played for hours on end. It wasn't perfect, but it's all that we had. We were very happy.

YK: So even though it wasn't the same as this so called "arcade" thing, you still played it?

G: That's right. See back then, it was all about gameplay. It didn't matter what the game looked like (though that there Chun-Li was a hottie), as long as I could give my friends a good whuppin', I was happy. And, just to make sure your understanding me, how about I hook up my good ol' Super Nintendo and you can play a round or two?

YK: Ok, but do I have a choice?

G: No, not really.

YK: (picking up controller) Wow this is kinda fun…it's pretty slow though.

G: Like I said sonny, this is what we had. And besides, Grandpas getting' old now and all that Viagra slows down my reflexes you know.

YK: you know Grandpa, even through all the sensless beatings you've given me, I still hung with you and this is the reason why. This game is great!

G: (with tear in eye) Come here my child!!!!

(Cue Kodak moment, fade to black)

Disclaimer: The above story is that of pure fiction. Any idiot who thinks this thing is true shall be forced to play bad video games (such as Superman on the N64, Blue Lighning on the Jaguar, and Mortal Kombat on the There is no purchase neccesary to enter and odds of winning will be based on the number of entries received. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. By the way, SFII on the SNES is truly a great game and one of the classics for the console (Just in case you didn't quite get that from the above story).


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