Street Fighter II Championship Edition


Review by Will Matson



Graphics: 8

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 9

Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition was one of the first Capcom games for a system that was not a Nintendo console. This version of SF2: SCE is not superior to the Super NES version but it isn't too shabby either.

For starters, the graphics are no match for the SNES but they do still look good. The fighter and background graphics (compared to the SNES) are not noticeable unless you pay close attention. My thinking is that you will be too busy enjoying the game to notice. There is a different introduction for the game, a street fight, which is a nice bonus.

The sound is weak, especially the voices. The character voices sound eerily like Bad Dudes for the NES. The voices sound very garbled and sound like a bad microphone or PA system. The music isn't up to par with the SNES version of the game but it does sound a little more like the arcade game.

The control is very solid. On the Genesis, SF2: SCE plays more like the arcade because of the 6-button control, as opposed to the SNES control, which had the shoulder buttons. Overall, the Genesis control allows easier access to the buttons and is a more comfortable experience overall.

For features, the Genesis version offers both Champion and Turbo modes, despite having the Champion tag). The best part is that the Sega version offered the Turbo mode without the use of a complicated code (required to access Turbo speed on the SNES cart). Additionally, the Genesis version contains a Group battle (perhaps the reason for the 'Special' tag?), which is nowhere to found on the SNES version, though it would later be incorporated for the SNES Super Street Fighter 2 game.

Winning tips:
-Personally, I think Ken is the best all around fighter. His special moves and standard attacks can counter almost anything and he is hard to beat if you work on your defensive game.
-A defensive game in which you hang back, wait and use counter attacks can be as effective or more effective than an aggressive offensive game (in which you open yourself up to a lot of counters). See below for some examples, which work best with computer opponents.
-To beat Ryu or Ken, try hitting them as they are descending from the dragon punch, the best choice is a fierce kick. A good one to use is the close-up kick which hits twice. Another tactic is to stay a certain distance away from them and wait for Ryu or Ken to throw a fireball. Once they do, as they complete the motion (your timing must be right or you will get dragon punched), jump towards them with a fierce jump kick and if you are lucky you can also hit them with a fierce sweep for a 2-hit combo that knocks them down.
-To beat Chun Li, hit her as she is jumping over you or as she is coming off a wall. If your timing and positioning are correct, you can easily beat her, even on the highest level.
-To beat E Honda, launch several fireballs at him. Eventually, he may very well jump towards you, which allows you to fierce kick him over and over if your positioning is just right.


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