Star Wars: Racer

Game Boy Color

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 4

Sound: 3

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 2

One of this summers biggest movies has already seen it's share of video games. Some, like the Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 versions of Star Wars Racer, have come off quite well. This Game Boy translation is nothing more than a watered down, extremely basic 2-D racer hardly worthy of the Star Wars name.

The crystal clear 5-second video clip that pops up on the screen when the power is turned on is quite impressive. This is the games only highlight. The rest of the graphics are presented in decent fashion, but the overhead view provides a limited view of the course, leading to the games first major foible. It's damn near impossible to know what hazard is coming up next. An arrow will appear at the top of the screen to tell players when turns are approaching. This leads to problem #2.

Controlling these vehicles is hardly an option. Even tapping the D-pad send your racer turning uncontrollably into walls or some other precarious position. As in the movie, taking damage will affect your pod racer, but with these controls, prepare to see a lot of fireworks spewing from your racer. As for the soundtrack, it's really hard to screw up any of John Williams masterpieces, but they did it.

A change from the film, only one racer will be challenging the player on each track. Most of the race time is spent by yourself attempting to maneuver these courses. Each planet has a more progressively difficult opponent, but without the plethora of the racers (as in the movie) the excitement it lost. Also, while your speedometer says so, you never actually feel like you're going 700 mph. Maybe 100, but by no means 700. The rumble feature, a relatively new advance in GBC games is included, unfortunately only as a gimmick.

Hey LucasArts, this look familiar? $$$$ You may have seen this symbol in meetings while discussing this game. See, this game doesn't need a license. It could be any two vehicles on that track, but in order to make $$$$ off of this wretched piece of plastic and silicon, it needed a license. Behold....Star Wars Racer...a game not even the designers cared to make.


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Last updated: Saturday, June 18, 2005 04:49 AM