Star Wars Sega Master System
Review by Clint Dyer US Gold Action
Overall: 9

This title is one of the most sought after Master System games, and rightfully so. It’s Star Wars! But, above and beyond that, it’s one heck of a game!

For those familiar with the NES version of the game, this game will be very familiar for you. You start off as Luke, driving (hovering?) around Tattooine on your Landspeeder. On the main map are several hazards such as gun turrets and Banthas that you must avoid to find the areas where Luke can get out of his Landspeeder. When you find the areas and exit the Landspeeder, the game turns into a side scrolling action game. In these side scrolling areas, you will find your friends (Han, R2, Obi-Wan, etc.) who will all help you rescue princess Leia, who (surprisingly enough) was captured by Darth Vader. When you rescue Han and Leia, they become useable characters, and each of them have powers that Luke doesn’t. After rescuing Leia, and disarming the Tractor Beam, the game changes again, this time into a first person shooter. The object here is to navigate the Millenium Falcon through an asteroid field, while shooting Tie fighters to reach the rebel base at Yavin. Once there, you get in your X-Wing and have to destroy the Death Star to end the game.

Graphics throughout the game are top notch. When you rescue your friends, you see a huge (in terms of 8-bit anyway) pictures of them on the screen, as they tell you what to do next. Luke himself is extremely detailed for an 8-bit character, and the graphics overall are slightly above average for a side scrolling adventure. The control is a bit hard to get used to (the characters "slide" a bit), but overall, it’s not distracting enough to ruin the game. Perhaps the biggest downfall in this game is the challenge level. It’s HARD! Getting through the side-scrolling portions of the game take a LOT of practice and patience. Other than that, this game has everything that a SMS game player could want!