Sega CD

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8


solfeace1segacd.gif (40605 bytes)Finally, someone gave us a solid 2D game on the Sega CD. This game feels like it belongs here and although doesn't make much use of the CD capabilities, it still holds up as a solid shooter. It certainly gives someone starving to find a worth while game to play on their console.

Even though this game is not exclusive to the Sega CD it still delivers a hefty helping of shooting action. The only thing to take advantage of the CD format is the spoken intro before the game starts. The story provides a good way to get the game rolling. It's in the future and there is a super computer that governs the galaxy with an iron fist and the fledging humans are out to destroy it and gain their freedom.

This is a tough game along the same lines of R-Type. Sol-Feace is not quite as good but still has some decent graphics and music. Power ups are limited, though the ones that you receive provide some hefty firepower to finish.

The music feels like it belongs in the R-Type family. You are debriefed before each mission starts telling you about each objective. Each mission is different and shows variety and follows a movie style plotline.

Graphically everything is varied and attention to detail is paid in each stage. The only downfall is that the game looks like a Genesis game, it would have been sweet to see the extra capabilities of the CD used to enhance the graphics a little more.

If you own a Sega CD, like action and fast paced games, then this is great. It's a necessary addition to the library. This game will keep you going for a long time. I can't say this is an R-Type killer or anything like that but it shines on this system.


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Last updated: Sunday, July 02, 2006 09:37 PM