Slam City

32X CD

Review by Matt Paprocki

Digital Pictures


Graphics: 6

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 3

Overall: 3


You know those people who say graphics make the game? They think they're all high and mighty because they play really flashy titles with all sorts of fancy effects. Isn't it strange they don't just play full motion video games? It's hard to get more realistic then actual video, right? Even these people realize they're terrible, and Slam City is proof.

Actually, Slam City is a little tolerable compared to stuff like Corpse Killer. The sports FMV games from Digital Pictures tend to be the best (Prize Fighter, Quarterback Attack). That does not however, mean they are good games. This one commits a few flagrant fouls, the most notable being the inability to skip past the cinemas. You'll need to watch the same tired actors go through their routine countless times, and you have no choice but to sit through it (or just not play it all).

This might not be so bad if you only needed to play through each of the opponents more than once. Each game you win earns respect. You need a specific amount to face off with Scottie Pippen. If you don't reach that goal, you need to replay another game to get that score high enough.

More pain comes from the "gameplay" itself. It's just a matter of waiting for an opponent to make a sad and over-acted defensive move, then taking the ball in. If you're running low on time, just take a jump shot with your horribly super-imposed hands. Playing defense is futile and random.

Four discs are wasted on this, each containing the Scottie Pippen game, and one of the other no names. Video quality is decent, a definite improvement on the Sega CD 64-color garbage. You can make out everything you need to, even if you have to listen to the hilarious theme song while doing it.

Most of the actors here actually went on to better things, as hard as that is to believe. Keith Gibbs who played Ace starred in multiple basketball films. Keith Neubert (Mad Dogg) made a small name for himself in some TV movies and That Thing You Do. Dana Wilkerson played professional basketball in the ABL. Thankfully, they've all stayed as far way from games as possible.


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Last updated: Sunday, September 25, 2005 03:07 PM