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“You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.” Your situation is grave (pun intended) as you hear faint footsteps. Is this a dream? To your horror, you discover the source of the footsteps is a Skeleton. Blast it quick with you Undead Disintegrator (UD). More footstep follow, what the..!?!?! You start to think, who is the hunted and who is the hunter.

skeleton.png (3252 bytes)This is the basic storyline to a new game Skeleton, by Eric Ball. You wander endlessly in eight mazes using your UD to blast your way past the skeletons. Sound like fun? It is. How you ended up in the mazes is a mystery, but getting out is a challenge. The game is scaled nicely such that as you clear each maze of 10 skeletons the game gets progressively harder. It starts off kind of slow at first, but soon you will find yourself frustrated as the words GOT YOU fill your screen and you find yourself hitting the reset button to do it again. Oh, lest I forget, you sometimes miss with your UD and must reload and shoot again. If you are too close to the skeleton before your UD reloads… GOT YOU!!!

Skeleton is a unique title in that sound plays an important role in the game. The skeleton’s footsteps get louder as it gets closer. Sounds familiar, right? (Remember Escape form the Mind Master?) If you have the ability to modify your Atari 2600 such that it outputs two sound channels (some call it stereo, but it really isn’t), you can hear the skeleton on the right or left of you. Yep, you heard me right, so bust out those soldering irons and get to work and mod your Atari. In addition, there is also a motion sensor which shows what direction the skeleton is relative to your current position.

My impressions of the graphics are mixed. The 3D maze effect isn’t as nice as those found in Escape from the Mind Master, but the 3D effect is certainly better than Crypts of Chaos and are on par with another 2600 game called Tunnel Runner. The skeleton is very well done with nice 3D scaling effects as it moves towards/away from you in the hallways. The manual is very well done as well with some nifty artwork. In the end, it is the sound that makes this game unique. AND, if there ever was a scary Atari 2600 game, this would be it. So turn up the sound, turn down the lights and enjoy this game. Perhaps put on Disney’s “Sounds of Halloween” playing in the background to set the mood and you are set for an evening of Atari 2600 gaming pleasure.

As I understand it, both Atari Age and Packrat videogames now offer this title.


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