Sim City


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 9.5

Overall: 9.5


In the realm of strategy gaming, very few are as brilliant as Sim City. It's a game that features perfect balance, makes sense, and is incredible fun. The SNES is one of the best versions of the title, with a few Nintendo exclusive pieces, soothing soundtrack, and the same gameplay that made it a classic on the PC.

simcitysnes2.bmp (171290 bytes)The series would eventually head down the path of being overly complicated (but thorough), and that makes the original perfect for those not looking to create entire water lines and sewer systems. You're just the mayor, plopping down different types of zones and attractions to draw people to your city. If it works, you make money. If not, the town goes bankrupt (and people won't stay if there's no money). It's easy to understand because it all makes since, yet in a simplified manner, perfect for teaching and entertainment.

There are 999 maps to choose from, each offering their own unique challenges and landforms. There's not much that Sim City prevents you from doing, and if you want Bowser to march into your city and wipe it out because you're too cheap to bulldoze it, go right ahead. There is no mouse support (that accessory would be released years later), yet the controls with the d-pad and buttons are intuitive. There's very little you can't do just as quickly as you can on the PC.

simcitysnes1.bmp (171290 bytes)Then there are the unique touches, like seasons changing visually, help from a new character, and more things to build. The graphics are better than the PC, with color that is more vivid, better detail in the spaces, and the little things that make it special in its own right. It does that while running smoothly without ever becoming bogged down, impressive given how huge these cities can be.

simcitysnes3.bmp (171290 bytes)There are still advantages to other ports. There are limited save spaces here, so don't plan to keep multiple cities at once. It makes up for it with different scenarios to challenge players with. These pre-set situations are tough, and worth a players time. Menus are also filled with nothing but icons instead of text. It's tough to become acquainted if you're new, instruction book or not.

Once you're involved though, there's no going back. This is the type of game that will sap hours of your time, and with amazing simplicity. Sim City is a game that works as it was intended. Its concept was strong, and the small, cool little additions to this version make it a classic for the console.


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