Silhouette Mirage


Review by Matt Paprocki

Working Designs


Graphics: 8

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 8.5

silhouettemirage1ps1.jpg (20150 bytes)Treasure, by far the hardest working and most under-appreciated game company in the world, has created a stunning 2-D platformer with a unique twist that raises it above the rest. Working Designs, knowing for bringing out some great Japanese RPG's and shooters here in the states, picked up Silhouette Mirage for a US release. Originally a Saturn game, Working Designs has upped the difficulty and plopped in a new level for US gamers, making this one of the most refreshing gameplay experiences in some time.

Since this is a game developed by Treasure, originality is to be expected. Enemies come in two forms, silhouette and mirage (duh). Each type of enemy can only be destroyed by shooting them with the appropriately colored shot. Further adding to this strange mix, the different colored shots can only be fired in certain directions (IE. blue shots can only be fired to the left). This adds a very unique challenge to the game for those patient enough to learn the gameplay quirks. Then again, according to Sony, no one will like this game. It's 2-D after all.

silhouettemirage2ps1.jpg (18538 bytes)Even though the game is presented in 2-D, it pushes the capabilities of the console as far as it will go. Not even the meager amount of RAM in the PlayStation could stop Treasure. The character design is nothing short of hilarious with rancid dolls trying to take out your character with ridiculously huge guns. The animation is stunning and the bosses fill up most, if not all, of the screen. A price is paid for all of this detail with some major slowdown when things get heavy, but this is excusable. The sound is also a bit on the drab side, only kicking in full force during the anime' inspired cut scenes.

The style of the game can't be denied. There is no other game on the current market like this one. Yes, at it's heart, it is a basic platformer, but the odd mix of shooting, puzzles, hectic action, and of course platforming is unmatched. The industry could thrive with more original games like this and it's a shame were forced to play the latest Tomb Raider instead. Fans of Treasure will be thrilled with this package, and as well they should be.


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Last updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:48 AM