Sewer Shark

Sega CD

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 4

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6


sewershark2segacd.gif (44748 bytes)Yay!! Another FMV game, but there's a catch. This one's at least playable. If it wasn't for the grainy and hazy video, this could have been a great game.

This has a Matrix-style storyline. You'll pilot a pod through the sewers of Solar City, blasting "tube steak," the underground team's name for the mutated rats and vermin that are plaguing the sewers. The whole game is a network of tunnels. Make a wrong turn and you crash. You'll then have to start over.

One of the game's biggest flaws is the resolution being so poor even the in-game video is surprisingly poor and it makes it hard to see where you are supposed to turn. If this game had updated resolution on the Playstation or equivalent it would have shined, but the 3DO was the best version.

The game play is average. You move your target around and blast the tube steak to eternity. Follow the arrows to make the proper turns, and this all fairly solid but nothing terribly original.

The sound and voice acting is what makes this game worth it to play, your mentor rips on you the whole game through and calls you names like "dog meat" and "butt breath." The acting in the whole intro is delightfully cheesy but it was intended. If you haven't played this game and need a good heart felt laugh then watch the intro and I guarantee it will have you rolling on the floor. The sound the gun makes is average but works pretty well and the music is a pretty good rock/rave style tune that sets the mood for the game.

sewersharkscd1.gif (44748 bytes)The whole game isn't meant to be taken seriously. That shouldn't affect your enjoyment though. It's cheesy like all of the other acting in FMV games but gives you your laughs. This could be one of the Sega CD's best games had it been able to pull off a higher frame rate and resolution.


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Last updated: Sunday, July 02, 2006 09:35 PM