Sega Classics Collection


Review by Rob O'Hara



Graphics: Varies

Sound: Varies

Gameplay: Varies

Overall: 6


segaclassics1ps2.jpg (68664 bytes)If you're a fan of both Sega and import gaming then you?ve probably already heard of the Sega Ages 2500 line of games. If you haven't, Sega has been giving facelifts to some of their greatest classic hits over the past two years and releasing the updated versions at budget prices. Until now, these updated Sega classics (such as Space Harrier, Outrun, and Golden Axe) have only been available to Japanese gamers (or importers). With only one game per release, collecting them all can get expensive.

Sega has given US gamers a break with Sega Classics Collection, which includes ten games and sells it for a bargain price ($20). At $2 per game, you'll get more than your money's worth out of some of them (and lament you paid that much for others).

Sega Classics Collection contains updated versions of the following games: Alien Syndrome

Bonanza Bros


Fantasy Zone

segaclassics2ps2.jpg (62098 bytes)Golden Axe

Monaco GP


Space Harrier

Tant R

Virtua Racing

Each game plays basically like the original but with updated graphics (some more updated than others). The upgrades work better on some of the games. Virtua Racing and Outrun are both as fun as ever, while Golden Axe and Monaco GP both lose something (a lot) in the translation. Some of the games such as Alien Syndrome, Columns and Bonanza Bros don't seem much different to me than the originals did. And of course, Space Harrier is as fast and frustrating as ever. For the most part, the less a game was updated, the better off it seems to play (Golden Axe is unfortunately one of the worst games on the disc).

segaclassics3ps2.jpg (67673 bytes)In a world full of emulation, repackaging old games and reselling them is getting more and more difficult. Sega has made an effort to give gamers something new here by updating the graphics and tweaking game play options a bit. There?s no denying that getting ten classic games for $20 is a good bargain, although my guess is in the not-so-distant future gamers will forget about these recent facelifts and go back to playing the originals on their system of choice


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