Savage Reign

Neo Geo

Review by Patrick Haber



Graphics: 7

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 6

This game is pretty unknown, and nearly everyone who played it will surely tell you that this game is pure garbage. But I personally cannot agree with that. I think that this game is actually quite fun to play, it just has some significant flaws here and there. Read on and you'll know of which flaws I'm talking about...

The characters are truly huge, and the animation on them is also quite good but nothing special. The zooming-feature in this game is cool, the characters' height is ranging from small to very large. There are some nice backgrounds to look at, such as Carol's or Joker's. They have a fair amount of animated spectators watching the fight.

The tunes are repetitive at times and utterly rubbish. One exception being the final boss' theme which sounds dramatic and pretty catchy. The voices in this game are of quite good quality, there's also a bit of dialogue-speech spoken by the final boss: "Did you really see all of the King ?" He's just a shadow, you will know who's the strongest !" But we're talking about the final boss later... The sound is pretty average overall.

The control is responsive enough, but the regular special moves require annoying combinations to do them. The engine is quite original: You have to press the A/B buttons shortly for light punchs/kicks and by pressing the buttons down briefly, it will result in a hard attack. (BTW, I never was a fan of the World Heroes-Control-Scheme). And pressing the C button will launch a Weapon attack. This game borrows the 'Two-Line-Fighting' system introduced in Fatal Fury 1, but it is a bit more advanced here. Also the games difficulty is very hard - even on the easiest setting. The AI gets REALLY tough as you get deeper in.

You can choose from ten characters, all play very different from each other except Gozu and Mezu, which are the usual "Ryu and Ken". Now for the final boss: After he said the few things mentioned above, he will confront you and he is one of the most difficult fighting-game bosses EVER ! - If not THE toughest ! He calls himself King Leo. Forget 'Gill' from Street Fighter 3 or Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series, King Leo is tougher. Believe me, before he's finally defeated and says: " I...NEVER...LOOOSE...!!", you'll have started ripping your hair out in frustration, and you will have broken about every controller you have for your Neo. The AI is the "replayability-killer" in this game. But it still IS fun to play, especially against a Human-player.

Having everything said and done, I still recommend this game to every "2D-Fighting-Game-Fanatic", like me. It is at least worth a session. Trust me. The sequel 'Kizuna Encounter-Super Tag Battle' is MUCH better but the bosses remain as cheap as ever.


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Last updated: Monday, February 09, 2004 03:18 PM