Review by Kevin Oleniacz



Graphics: 7

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6

Right on the heels of Mickey Mouse's starring roles in the wonderful Castle of Illusion and the not-so-wonderful Fantasia is Donald Duck's debut on the Genesis screen. As Donald, venture throughout seven select locations around the globe in search of the Great Duck Treasure. In addition, visit Pete's hideout and finally Great Duck Island while competing against Big Bad Pete's Ducky Gang. Along the way encounter Pete's minions, which include his henchmen, boxing turtles, penguins, and the undead. Travel through air, water and underground sequences. One can proceed to a certain point within a location before needing a special item to continue. Collect powerups and ammo.

Very smooth control is the best feature of this game. The music and sound effects are about average. While this game visually shines in some areas, it is drab in others. Donald is designed nicely and even expresses impatience when he is not controlled by the player by wagging his tail, stomping his feet, and displaying an annoyed facial expression.

The main complaint I have is the game is too easy. There is no difficulty level selection, with the options consisting of a paltry sound test and control configurements. Ammo and powerups are too plentiful. Unlimited continues allow you to practice the few tough spots you will encounter, and since the bosses are relatively easy to defeat, you'll blow through most of the game in no time. The only true challenge is contained within Treasure Island, consisting of a series of well timed jumps. Chili peppers, which bestow temporary invincibility upon Donald when five are collected, are all clustered together in three general areas.

A difficulty level selection would surely benefit this cart. If the audio were upgraded this would have the potential to be ranked among this system's elite.

TIP: To find the tiger at the end of the labyrinth of the Maharaja's Palace, follow these directions: 1) Down & through first door, 2) Left & through first door above powerup, 3) Right, up, & through first door, 4) Left, jump over door, up to next door, 5) Right & through door above turtle.


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