Review by Doug Jackson

Parker Bros.


Graphics: 9

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 9.5


qbert1coleco.gif (3039 bytes)Q*Bert on the ColecoVision is probably my favorite version aside from the NES. The game is as close to arcade quality as it gets on the console.

Most have played some version of this classic so you know the drill: hop up 'n down the pyramid changing the blocks to the designated color while avoiding the baddies. Unforgettable designs include Coily the Snake. Get hit and Q*Bert mutters his famed blanked out curses via garbles text balloon.

The Intellivision has the best innovation with its 45-degree control scheme, but the CV's still feels better. Game play is extremely fluid and even with the standard controller, it is fairly easy to control since the fire buttons don't see much use.

The pyramids look especially nice. The disks are detailed perfectly and even the pre stage demos are present. Q*Bert himself suffers however as his plain orange and his eyes needed a white spot (or dot) to brighten him up. It was a small detail Parker Bros. missed.

The sound comes through perfectly and uses the CV's capabilities. Most versions on other systems have some flaws. The 2600 adaptation looks ugly and is missing the demo screens. The 5200 suffers from control issues with Atari's infamously unusable controllers, while the INTV plays well but not as nice as this version. Most own a ColecoVision, so you can easily enjoy this one to its fullest.


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Last updated: Monday, January 29, 2007 10:06 PM