Review by Doug Jackson

Mud Duck


Graphics: 8

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 5

Overall: 5


The original Puzznic game appeared on the NES and despite being pretty rare was one of the console's best puzzle games in it's day. Mud Duck borrowed the rights from Taito for a low budget, late release PS One game.

puzznic1ps1.jpg (41434 bytes)This game feels too much like an unfinished prototype. It has no music and no options mode. Now this is better than bad grating music in my opinion, but it still says "I don't care about making quality games" on the programmer's end.

The sound effects are good and for the kiddie setting this game has. They are not overbearing at least. The graphics fit pretty well I think. This is the one part that the programmers got right. There is a very mild Halloween setting and the evil characters threaten you with tough puzzles that they think you can't solve. One thing that doesn't make sense though is this game has a very kiddish setting. Kids will grow bored with the tough puzzles, another "I don't care" from the programmers.

Gameplay is addictive but flawed. Take the puzzle mode from Tetris Attack, put it in oblong and bizarrely shaped screens, and you have to move the pieces around and two of the same color will disappear. The challenge comes in when you have three of one color and there are also elevators that you have to use to move the pieces around.

The one major flaw is the innovation that they tried to add to this game. The X button is used to grab the pieces with the cursor, hold it for a split second and it will let go of the piece after that moving it only one space. Hold it longer and it will lock on then push the triangle to release it. If they wanted a quality game they would have mapped that feature to two separate buttons but they said "I don't care" once again. Since this is done the game can become a hair-puller due to the controls not responding in the way that they need to.

Mud Duck and Agetec, two of the Playstation's budget companies released low budget, simple games late into the system's life. Most are not programmed well and are cheaply made which doesn't make sense at all because it is so easy to program games that are so simple to make. The NES version is recommended far and above this one so play that one instead.


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