Psychic Detective


Review by Doug Jackson


FMV Adventure

Graphics: 8

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 6


This game is so rare that I didn't even know it existed outside of the 3DO, even as a collector I just found out of it's existence about two or three years ago. There is almost no coverage for it online so it was one of those games that "just existed and was out there" to me, my fate would change when I made a random and freak stop to Gamestop one night, as I never go there much anymore, I just got a hunch and this game turns up there and low and behold here is a review.

psychicdetective1ps1.jpg (39184 bytes)If you own a 3DO you have probably played this game before as it's dirt common for that system, not so the PSX, it's so stinkin' rare that barely anyone knows what it is. I don't know what why it's so rare, my guess it that it's an FMV game to start, second, they edited it and took some of the more explicit scenes from the original 3DO version. This game is still very risqué, filled with foul language and soft core sex scenes. The politicians who hated GTA San Andreas would have a field day with this nowadays. Anyway you take on the role of Eric Fox who is a detective and has the ability to jump into people's minds and witness evidence from their point of view.

For an FMV game this falls somewhere in between mediocre and good. The major downfall is that there is next to no gameplay except for the board game puzzle that you play with the main criminal at the end to determine the ending you get. This game is like Myst except with video instead of still screens. Listen to someone's side of the story and click a button to jump to another video.

No matter what way you play, you will close at the end of the game and have to play the mini game to get one of around a dozen endings, some good and bad. The game is three discs and you have to switch between discs every few minutes which gets rather annoying unlike the 3DO version which gives you certain areas to save at. You can just bookmark your game anywhere just like pausing a real movie. You can only create one save file per memory card though which could be a real drag if you want to make a bookmark to try to get different endings. Like I said there is no gameplay though just try to figure out the clues to use it the game at the end. If you made sense out of the game you will put the right pieces of the puzzle together and get a good ending. The whole game can be finished in as little as 30 to 40 minutes. I never could get a good ending though and I wouldn't want to play the game through enough times to get all the endings.

psychicdetective2ps1.jpg (38364 bytes)As far as FMV games go this is one of the best. That's still not glorifying it. Acting is B grade at best and looks like it came out of a bad 80's horror flick, but provides a decent amount of amusement and humor. The whole environment feels like it was sent at a sleazy keg party with a bunch of carefree jerks. Video quality is very good for the time and far smoother than most other FMV games of the time due to the PSX's capabilities. The gameplay is just nonexistent, I played it once through and won't again. I don't care much for FMV games though I can't imagine too many others do either. If you are a fan of "shock value" you will love this game though.

Don't worry too much about finding this game because you won't, if you should happen to GRAB IT at least for the insane rarity and for some short amusement. Otherwise, you won't kill yourself if you don't get a chance to play it ever.


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