Review by Doug Jackson

Radio Shack


Graphics: 1

Sound: 1

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 1


This game is truly the bottom of the barrel on the TRS 80. Here we have a truly pathetic Kaboom rip-off with absolutely no effort put into it at all.

popcorn1trs80.gif (2541 bytes)The popcorn resembles balloons from Circus Atari, but have no detail. You have a stack of white lines to collect them one by one. It takes forever for the popcorn to gain any speed. You could easily reach the fourth or fifth stage and not have to worry about missing a piece of popcorn. The control is tedious due to the stick constantly recentering.

Even though it's an overly easy game, it's still tedious to have to keep cranking on the stick so precisely. There is almost no sound at all, only a P-P-P-P each time you collect a popcorn. When you finish a round, it starts over almost unnoticeably faster than the previous round.

Graphics don't change, and neither does the sound. It feels like the same stage just repeats itself over and over. This game will grow excessively boring long before it becomes a challenge.

Games like this are what made the TRS 80 suck. The problem is most are not much better off than Popcorn. Do yourself a favor and find any other game than this tripe.


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Last updated: Sunday, July 02, 2006 09:22 PM