Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Sega CD

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 9.5

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 9.5


Pitfall the Mayan Adventure, after this just Pitfall is one of the greatest games on the Sega CD as well as one of the greatest games of the whole 16 bit era. Although the PC version takes the prize as the best overall version, the Sega CD is the best playing console port you can get.

pitfall1gen.jpg (48189 bytes)Pitfall the Mayan Adventure is the 16-bit update to the series, and don't worry those of you afraid to say the name Pitfall in fear of the NES version. Let your fears all fade away. This Pitfall plays just like Earthworm Jim.

It features huge elaborate levels just in a jungle setting, and most versions (save for the Jaguar) have mesmerizing graphics. Attention to detail is paid in every aspect. All of the enemies are animated superbly, from every tree rock and background. They look like they were painted and then transferred to the game; they look that good.

Pitfall Harry is out to save his father (the hero from the original version) who has been captured by the Mayans. On his way, he will encounter 13 stages and then the evil Mayan leader at the end. There are five areas to explore. You'll start in the jungle, then a waterfall, followed by an abandoned mine, Mayan ruins, and finally a Mayan Temple. Each stage will throw so many traps at you that you won't know what's coming. This game is sure to take up some time to complete it is not a walk in the park to finish.

Littered in the game are secrets and hidden bonus stages. There are bonus stages that have you playing Simon on the control pad to gain extra lives. The original Pitfall is also a hidden bonus stage that can be found in the first runes stage. Classic Pitfall fans will instantly recognize the sounds as some of the old ones are used in this game to add nostalgia. Even some of the old block enemies from the original appear here in their original form to add an extra helping of charm.

Mayan Adventure also features one of gaming's best soundtracks. Each track fits the level it accompanies. The music in the Mayan temples is especially creepy and I found myself more than once popping the PC version into my CD player just to listen. It's that good.

I can't say enough about this game. It has to be experienced to be understood. Most have played this game on some 16-bit console but if you are one of the ones that have slipped through the cracks, find a copy (preferably the Sega CD version) and enjoy.


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