Pink Goes to Hollywood Super NES
Review by Kevin Oleniacz   Platform
Graphics: 6 Sound: 6 Gameplay: 4 Overall: 5

Inspector Clouseau relentlessly pursues the Pink Panther in the popular cartoon. The hunt continues on the SNES through a dozen mock movie sets, which range from "Honey, I Shot the 'pink' to "Pinkenstein". The crisp cartoony graphics are the highlight of an otherwise ordinary platform challenge.

Armed with a spray can filled with pink (along with a deadly jump attack) defend yourself against an onslaught of antagonistic cast members (humans and animals) as well as flying food, ghosts, seafish and various other threats. In addition to the basic attacks, especially limited "tricks" are scattered throughout the game which provide special abilities. A stop light freezes foes. A bowling ball knocks over enemies. A fly swatter smacks pesky attackers. There are seven distinct "tricks" in all. You can also find unique tokens are utilized for the purpose of reaching normally unattainable areas. Once dropped in a toll slot, these produce bridges, stairs, cargo hooks, steerable magic carpets, or an umbrella which carries your character straight up. The bridge token is also used on the end-of-game/continue screen. If you're short on these then the game concludes. Climbing up cords and ropes or locating doors which reveal warps are the other modes of travel.

As I mentioned before, the graphics are the high point of this mediocre platform contest which has been done so many times before on the 16-bit systems. Other then the perpetually entertaining musical score, the programmers were stingy in regard to the audio effects, which are not overly impressive. My main gripe concerns the harsh controls. One must employ near-perfect timing when dealing with the majority of enemies. I've often found myself turning red in the face while manipulating the sluggish controls. This title gets an average rating at best when compared to other 16-bit titles of this genre. Pink Goes to Hollywood is just another in a long line of cartoon/movie titles which cannot feed upon the big screen's success. Tip: timing is the key to success. React a split second early in order to counteract the sluggish controls.


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Last updated: Thursday, December 04, 2003 01:19 PM