Penguin Adventure


Review by Edward Villalpando



How many of you out there liked Antarctic Adventure on the ColecoVision? How many of you knew there was a SEQUEL? There was a sequel, and Penguin Adventure is IT. Konami took one of their most popular games and added more tasks and gameplay. The end result is an excellent game which goes beyond the simplicity of Antarctic Adventure.

 The object of the game is to reach the golden apple tree to obtain fruit and then return to cure a virus that the princess, Penguette, has. However, the land where the golden apple tree resides is now occupied by the Physauruses, giant flying lizards. Not only will you travel through the icy regions, youíll also run, swim, and fly through forests, rivers, tunnels, underwater locales, and more. Collecting fish is now more important: you can barter in a shop to exchange them for guns, shoes, torches, propeller beanies, and more. You can also gamble your fish on a slot machine if you so choose.

There is just so much to do; you have very little time to admire the charming graphics. There are 24 stages total, each one very colorful. The music fits the game well, with an appropriate score for each level. The gameplay is where this game really shines, though. I liked Antarctic Adventure very much, but this one is even better. What amazes me is that this game didnít appear on the NES or SMS. A great game and one of my favorite Konami titles of all time.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:30 PM