Outpost Kaloki X

Xbox Live Arcade

Review by Matt Paprocki

Ninja Bee


Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 5

Overall: 5


outpostkaloki1360.jpg (70616 bytes)While Outpost Kaloki X looks like a simulation title, it's more of a puzzle game. The idea of building things to attract customers, even in the quirky environment of Kaloki, should lead to some strategy. Instead, its objectives ensure it's closed from the player's ideas, and forces them to follow a specific path to complete them.

There are two story modes here, each with a different take on the universe the game is set inside. While enjoyable with its light nature and catchy music, its gameplay doesn't break out of a confined space. You'll be presented with a space station, and need to lay down specific types of structures to appeal to the needs/wants of the traveling patrons. You only have so many spaces to do so. That means each new addition is critical.

The problem is that it's too specific. From the objectives, you'll immediately know what needs to be built. For instance, if the area needs science buildings, you'll make money from those. Sure, you can build other structures, but the game is set in its ways and it's usually pointless to build anything else. You won't have any space consumers stepping into an arcade in an area based in science, and vice versa.

This rigid nature means you'll need to build exactly what the mission is asking for within the time limit. There's little to no leeway. It takes away what should be the games selling point, and it's place in the genre. It's not strategy, so it's hard to place it. There is a sandbox mode that lets you build what you want, though since this lacks any type of goal, growth system, or any real point, time spent here is basically wasted. It's a shame too, because there's an excellent console strategy game hidden here.

outpostkaloki2360.jpg (61791 bytes)Kaloki isn't deep, and the interface is easy to understand and flip through. Small text is a major problem, though that becomes the sole complaint of the menu system. Its clean look produces a decent overall presentation without much in the way of heavy detailing.

Eventually, there's that off chance Kaloki will get a sequel (this is really only an update of a PC title), and hopefully the structure allows for open gameplay. That's the only thing it really needs to break open and become memorable. Outpost Kaloki just can't fit in as it plays now.


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