Need for Speed Carbon


Review by Ken Edwards



Graphics: 7

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7


Last year's Most Wanted is what the series desperately needed. This year it is back to the neon streets, but thankfully not in the Underground way. Most of what made Most Wanted so much fun is back. This year drift racing takes the place of drag racing. Though to be honest, I much prefer drag racing.

Where Most Wanted got brutally tough because of the cops, Carbon is a bit easier because of the lack of cops. It is an okay trade off, though the game seems a little too easy now.

The throw away story has you back in town after a major car race where the cops came in and busted everyone. The slick looking cut scenes, and more of them, are back from the last game. You start at the bottom, big surprise, and have to work your way up by taking over control of the city. You gain crew members along the way that are helpful in most regards, and fight "boss" characters in canyon duals.

These canyon duals are the most challenging part of the game, seeing as there are few barriers on the side of the road to prevent a very long fall. The other big change in Carbon is in the three car classes. Exotics, Tuners, and Muscle Cars all drive differently, and make the game more challenging.

The small bit of SIXAXIS control in Carbon would not be missed one bit if you didn't know it was there. It allows for tighter turns once you have turned the analog stick as far as it can go. It doesn't do much.

Autosculpt is the new customization feature, which allows for some very unique possibilities. Various areas on the car can be "sculpted" as much or as little as you like. The system works well.

Gone from the PS3 version is a photo mode. On the Xbox 360, you can pause the game, and enter a photo mode where you can zoom in, and take a sweet shot of your car. You can also upload it for others to see. You find none of that on the PS3.

The two next-gen versions are very similar graphically, though there are some anomalies. The blur effect on the PS3 leaves something to be desired, as it really looks great on the Xbox 360. Some textures are crisper on the PS3, but again, a lot of the game is washed out and hazy.

The game is simply a blast online, with two new modes that involve cop chasing - this is exactly what Most Wanted needed. It is worth noting that, for some reason, PS2 owners never got to play this one online, so they get a pretty good bonus here in the PS3 version.

Carbon is another solid entry in the series, and will be enjoyed by any PS3 owner who likes to race.


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Last updated: Monday, September 03, 2007 09:51 PM