NCAA Final Four


Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 7

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 5


It's not too often that I pay attention to old sports games, let alone write a review for one, but I have so many of them that I will give it a chance. NCAA Final Four was the successor to NCAA Basketball (also released on the SNES) and more could have gone into making this game stand out.

I will also say that this game probably looked and felt better upon its release so long ago. You pick college teams from a now outdated roster (of course) and can choose from the normal exhibition or season and tournament modes etc. Control is easy to master, Y to pass the ball, A to shoot etc. Graphics are lacking detail and are very muddy now. It's hard to tell the difference between your team members, and most look the same.

The players are too small and make it hard to see who has the ball when defending and offense get tight causing you to miss passes and shots. Even for the time the courts and crowds lacked detail and polish. Sound takes a hit too. The bouncing of the ball is the only sound that is decent.

There is no announcer whatsoever. There could have been a voice that at least called three or foul. With no voice present, it leaves the monotone background noise representing the crowd and it makes the game tedious to listen to.

With all the weak points, it adds up to a weak sports title. This isn't a bad game, but the NBA Live series is so much better, you might as well play that. Still, if you are a hardcore basketball fan, then this game may have something to offer to you.


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Last updated: Saturday, July 23, 2005 07:05 AM