Mr. Do!'s Castle

Atari 5200

Review by Tony Bueno

Parker Bros


Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 7

For a clown, this guy leads a pretty hectic life. After a long, hard day of harvesting cherries and apples in his orchard, Mr. Do! returns home to his castle, only to find it infested with evil, murderous unicorns! Once again forced to fend for his life, Mr. Do! doesn't give up without a fierce, fun-filled struggle.

The castle seems made for defense, as every tier consists of tiles that may conveniently trap and squash the mythical beasts. Ladders are scattered all around, some of which are stationary, others may be kicked diagonally. Mr. Do! himself will fall through any empty hole he steps in, thus providing yet another means for his escape.

Mr. Do!'s Castle has numerous similarities with Lode Runner and Universal's own Space Panic, but adds the element of strategic floor tiles including cherries (to complete a level), skulls (to drop a row of tiles) and keys (to activate the bonus). Awaiting at the top are two doors which, once opened, reveal a cross. Acquiring the cross will allow Mr. Do! to utilize the hammer against the unicorns, while they temporarily become letters of EXTRA for, you guessed it, an extra life.

The second in the most original series of video games of all time is one of the 5200's better offerings despite mediocre controls. While still not as impressive as the Colecovision version, it's another faithful arcade translation for 5200 owners.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:29 PM