Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Sega CD

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 3

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 1

Overall: 2


Allow me to present to you the bottom of the barrel of the FMV genre. Here is the most un-enjoyable style of game which is barely a game at all. Pop the game in and you are treated to several clips from the Power Rangers show just in garbage 64 color Sega CD video quality.

MMPR1segacd.jpg (12656 bytes)The in game videos aren't complete. They are just clips from various episodes of the show. One in game video may have the Rangers battered down and beaten and just end. Next, they are just fine talking to Zordon, there is no rhythm or rhyme, just stupidity. The programmers obviously took advantage of the three year old mentality because they are probably the only ones that would've gotten a kick out of this game.

To start there is no real game play. You watch videos of the show in horrid resolution, then on top of it the programmers must have really loved the Action Max because there's no interaction in the actual game. As the video progresses, buttons pop up on the screen and you has to press them on the control pad as they appear. It has no effect on the video. The only thing it does is drain a power meter in the bottom of the screen. If it runs out you get to see a video of the Rangers getting beaten by Rita's goons. The video of defeat is always the same and you could end up getting beaten by a different enemy than your were watching.

Here's another reason to hate this game: there are three difficulty levels to select at the start of the game. Once selected, the game never gets any harder as it progresses. The game grows very tedious to play. You have to focus on the buttons so intently that you end up paying no attention to the actual video, making the game essentially "push a button, wait for the next command."

You aren't able to make sense out of the videos that are playing since they end so quickly even before the enemies are defeated. The sound is the only thing that remotely fits the game. It is CD quality, and sounds like it's coming from the TV show directly but the video can't follow, effectively rendering the sound useless.

This is definitely the worst of the FMV games and another reason why the Sega CD did so lousy. Why Sega actually programmed this "game" is beyond me. If I owned the release rights to the console, I wouldn't let any other company release it in fear of it profaning the console's reputation. Avoid this game like the plague. It's 100% useless.


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Last updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:28 PM