Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Game Gear

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8.5


Let me tell you how annoying it is when one of the best fighters on the Game Gear has to be a Power Rangers game. It's also a bit more than embarrassing. Nonetheless, it's a great little fighter on the lines of Maximum Carnage.

powerrangers1gg.jpg (30141 bytes)Choose one of the five rangers and take the fighting to the streets and beat on those annoying putties, Goldar, as well as a slew of other of Rita's goons. This game is an example of how the Game Gear can have a game released for it that can have incredible graphics, while not losing sound or game play. This is a break for Game Gear fans as it seemed that most programmers only cared about graphics.

The graphics are top notch, featuring some of the best detail I've seen on the GG with a minimal blur and they aren't zoomed in like Mega Man for resolution problems. The GG was always weak in the sound department, but this game compensates for it quite well. The attacking sounds are varied, solid, and don't get annoying like other games do.

Gameplay is where this game shines, each ranger has different moves which can be executed with basic button combos. Control is responsive, making it easy to pull any move off which you will need to do as button mashing will get you killed in a flash. Each can be performed with basic Street Fighter style combos.

The game is varied and definitely requires some skill, at least to try to finish the story mode as the enemies are smart and will kill you if you aren't careful. Each level is composed of a small stage and then a boss. Once you defeat the boss it grows, and then you morph into your Zords. You then fight it all over again with a varied strategy, Goldar being the last boss.

Power Rangers is one of the best in the GG library and a needed game since the GG library is mostly junk. It's easy to find cheap and after a decline in popularity for the Power Rangers, demand isn't very high either.


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Last updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:24 PM