Metal Slug

Neo Geo

Review by Patrick Haber



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 10

Now what can I say ? Many people buy a Neo Geo only for this game ! And it is the start for one of the most famous and beloved videogame-series. Many conversions do exist such as the Sega Saturn or the Playstation port. The Saturn version is quite good, because the game runs with a RAM-backup-cart. But it still isn't perfect, due to loading times and the lack of RAM, there was absolutely no way the Saturn could carry all the characters' frames of animation. - As with the Playstation version. But the Saturn version is still commendable, because it is better than the PSX version in terms of animation and loading times. But the quality of the arcade/Neo Geo version has never been matched. - At least not with the aforementioned systems...

The game simply is an eye-catcher. It shows beautiful Bitmap-graphics, LOADS of animation and BOMBASTIC explosions ! The character-design looks cartoony, VERY good indeed ! Also, the violence-level is, of course, high. Every soldier has his own dying-animation, which looks quite realistic. But if you don't have a Jap. or chipped Neo AES-system, there won't be violence anymore. Which may be good or bad , it is up to your personal taste.

The music has a military-feel to it and it fits the game perfectly ! The characters' voices and grunts sound crisp and realistic. And I like the announcer's voice, If you're collecting a weapon he tells you which one you collected. For example: "Heavy Machine Gun". Cool ! All other sound effects like shooting, explosions, etc. sound also realistic. Excellent overall.

Metal Slug's controls are absolutely flawless. But you don't have the ability to shoot diagonally. Except for one weapon: The Heavy Machine Gun. The A button is used for attacks: For shooting, or slice your enemies into pieces with a knife, if you are close enough. B button is used for jumps, the C button is used for throwing grenades/bombs - you have 10 per life.

Well, the game is fairly challenging, and you'll need many tries until you can finally conquer this game. The replay-value is really high in this game, because the AI will give you many different sessions. You can play as either Marco who is Player 1 or Tarma who is Player 2.

There's nothing more to say about this classic. If you've never played a MS game, play it now ! If you can't afford a Neo AES, could you either buy a Neo-CD with MS 1 or 2, or the best option beside these is surely the Sega Saturn version. The only problem with it is that it never left the shores of Japan. ..."MISSION ALL OVER"...


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Last updated: Monday, February 09, 2004 03:18 PM