Mega Man Xtreme

Game Boy Color

Review by Gary Cooper



Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7

It's quite amazing that Mega Man Xtreme is the 17th original Mega Man game to grace a Nintendo console. Mega Man Xtreme is a lower version of Mega Man X from the SNES.

Some of the levels have been shortened due to limited space on the cartridge I suppose. Gameplay is going to follow the classic formula of fighting initial bosses then moving onto a set of final stages. However, in Xtreme you will only fight four initially. The other half has been saved for the Hard Mode that will open up once you defeat the game.

To have even more replay value once you beat the Hard Mode you will then move onto Xtreme Mode. This time you start with all eight bosses and will be able to collect moves for Zero to help you out. However, since you cannot change weapons on the fly, you are guaranteed to almost never use them.

Added to this port are some new characters that will help give the game some story. Middy is a computer genius that helps Mega Man. Zain and Geemel are flunkies for Techno who has a hidden identity. As always nothing gets too intricate for Mega Man.

This is a plus sometimes due to this being an action series. Any Mega Man fanatic like me is going to buy this game no matter what, but other people should give it a try. The most unforgiving aspect of this game is that there is only one difficulty level: Easy. I was able to conquer all three modes of this game in just five hours. Casual gamers may beat it in just eight.

Overall Mega Man Xtreme is a good remake of a great SNES game. The sound is outstanding and the controls are right on target. There's little things here and there that this game can improve upon (namely difficulty), but the biggest detraction is how short the game truly is. If you can find this game for about $10 to $15 then there's no reason that you shouldn't add it to your library of games.


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Last updated: Monday, September 26, 2005 12:23 AM