Marvel vs. Capcom


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: ?8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 5

Capcom has a LONG history in the video game business. However, it's been since the Street Fighter phenomenon hit in the early 90s that we've been subjected to numerous sequels, spin-offs, a movie (ugh), and other games using the the same, slightly tweaked, engine. No one could really argue as each of these games were meticulously tested masterpieces. Marvel vs. Capcom however... well, just doesn't work.

This game is a direct and impeccable translation of the arcade game. Herein lies the's just not a very good game to begin with. It really just requires a bunch of maniacal button pressing hoping for something mammoth to happen. The frenzied style of gameplay is a complete change of pace from a normal Street Fighter game, a change that isn't appreciated.

If not for the gameplay, this game does have potential. The graphics flawlessly capture the essence of the Marvel characters and our favorite Street Fighters have never looked better. The animation is all over the place, a testament to the DC's power to push these sprites. A quick background check (ha!), reveals numerous little details and characters from other Capcom games, like Dr. Wily shouting commands to the combatants.

The soundtrack is memorable, but not for it's originality. Remixes of classic Capcom music will be stuck in your head for months after playing this one. Beyond these newly redesigned mixes, the rest of the sounds are filled with the usual grunts and yelling associated with these types of games.

There is no load time in between battles, astonishing when you think about all the animation that has be put into the RAM to get this game running smoothly. There is also no delay when bringing in your partner, something that, beyond the import Saturn versions, has never been done on a home console. Once the characters have been chosen, controlling them with the standard controller is near impossible. Of course, considering that this is a button masher, precise control isn't exactly necessary. The hard to reach L & R buttons do nothing to help this situation. Buy an arcade stick if you're a purist.

The game does have it's high points (and it's fans), but the hectic gameplay isn't something die-hard fighting game fanatics can take. Strategy and deep gameplay is what made Capcom's fighters a success, not this. Mortal Kombat is deeper in this case. This is a definite low point for the Street Fighter series.


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Last updated: Saturday, May 07, 2005 09:21 AM