Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Review by Ken Edwards



Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6


For comic book fans, this is the most refined Action-RPG that developer Raven has provided. The subject matter alone will be enough to look past the otherwise average game.

Sitting next to the Xbox 360 version, I miss the rumble support - but that is pretty much the same with all these PS3 games. We will not miss rumble as long as the Xbox 360 versions have it. Other than this version having that lighter look — as all these PS3 ports have — the game shows the same great color palette and effects.

Some of the voice work is grating though, and there are some places where the graphics pop-in. Frame rate issues also rear their ugly head. In direct comparison to the Xbox 360 version, there is some polishing that still needed to be done.

My biggest gripe with the game has to do with your team. You can literally sit back and relax, not throwing one punch, and your team of three other super heroes will take care of most everything on screen. That is not an Action-RPG, is a snooze fest! Untold Legends Dark Kingdom gives me my fill of this genre, and does so quite well.

Although Ultimate Alliance has its flaws, it is still a lot of fun. There is a massive list of heroes to play as, and each has different costumes to unlock, and of course stats to build. The RPG elements are kept quite manageable, which is appreciated. The SIXAXIS controls are used during boss fights, mini-game style, and to perform maneuvers such as dodge, grab, and charge powers. The fighting engine plays well, but we expect that by now.

Multiplayer helps a lot, especially when all four heroes are human and not CPU controlled. Four players can battle online and off, with competitive multiplayer too. You compete for points, the one with the most points wins. They scraped the bottom of the barrel to bring us the likes of Blade, but they left out Hulk. Where is the logic in that? This game has a couple head scratchers like this.

Although this is a fine upgrade from X-Men Legends series, your aggressive teammates kill the show. But if you are a Marvel fan, you are in for a well-written story and a game you will want to pick up. From the perspective of a that Marvel fan, you could easily give this one another point. Otherwise it doesn't really stand out.


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Last updated: Monday, September 03, 2007 09:49 PM